Monday, January 4, 2010

My 1st weaving project!

My family got me the gift that was on the top of my list this year for Christmas - a 20" Ashford Knitter's Loom.  I'm not quite sure why I need ANOTHER craft in my life, but why not, right? 

I'm a regular contributor to the Phatfiber box and in return get a box of my own every month.  I always dive right into the spinning fiber samples, but the yarn samples have been totally piling up.  I just don't knit enough anymore...sigh. 

I thought that using yarn samples from my Phat friends would be a lovely way to start on my weaving journey.  Finally, FINALLY, I could use up those lovely little yarn bits!   I whipped right through this scarf in no time and totally loved the process - yay to weaving!!!

The yarns that I used were:

-  Naturally dyed handspun from Midnightsky Fibers
-  "Mango" from Lazy Perry Ranch
-  "Harlequin" Fingering by Sqwish
-  One of my own handspun (H.A.Y.)
-  "Iceberg" Lucky Sock yarn from Serendipitous Ewe
-  "Darby O'Gill" from Desert Garden Farms
-  "Princess's Gown" from Sheepshape Spinning
-  "Pirate" handspun from Carly Original
-  Handspun alpaca from Comfed Out Kaiser
-  "Fireweed" worsted from Aurora Fiber Arts

I have lots more PhatFiber yarn samples in my basket, so look for more weaving projects to come. :)